Top 12 Videos
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The World Parkinson Coalition is proud to announce The Top 12 Videos and the eight Honorary Mentions that were selected from 75 entries from 20 countries.    

Thank you to all of WPC 2016 Video Competition submitters. The submissions were outstanding and moving and all very unique.  All 75 submissions are post on our YouTube channel for viewing. 

Voting ended on Friday, July 22, 2016 for the WPC People Choice Award.

The Grand Prize winning video, selected by our judges from the Top 12 below, and the WPC People's Choice Award winning video, selected by the community, will both be announced at the WPC 2016 Opening Ceremony on Tuesday, September 20 in Portland, Oregon. 


Top 12 Videos

(Click on the image to watch the video)


World of Possibility
by Arlon Bennett (USA)

This is the music video for my song 'World of Possibility' which I wrote soon after my PD diagnosis.


When You Walk, I Can See
by Eros Bresolin (UK)

After living with Parkinson's now for over a decade, I wanted to write a song which represented my journey from diagnosis through to acceptance, sound in the knowledge that one day, a cure will be found. ‘When You Walk, I can See’ stems from my own experience. It was written with only one hope – TO INSPIRE people with Parkinson's to move forward. For those that have not yet reached this final stage of acceptance and hope, it is MY hope that it demonstrates the benefits of how a positive attitude towards Parkinson's and can actually assist you along the way to what CAN be an amazing journey. It’s all up to you.



by Lori Campbell (USA)

Through the creative use of multi-media, VICTORY, describes the initial reaction of having Parkinson's disease, and the tools my family and I have learned to embrace to live optimistically.



Expanding the WORLD of the World Parkinson Congress
by Marcus Cranston (USA)

As a physician with Parkinson's who enjoys exploring the world in pursuit of travel and exercise challenges to promote Parkinson's Awareness, I'm struck by the differences in Parkinson's support from country to country.  I hope this short film while inspire everyone to contribute to expanding the world of the World Parkinson Congress.




Dance Through Life
by Rafi Eldor (Israel)

I am very happy to participate in the short video completion and to share my struggle to overcome the P.D. symptoms.

I am fighting the P.D. 24 hours a day for the last 8 years. When I was diagnosed and in the first 2 years my body was very stiff and I could hardly move. Then I began to use ballroom dancing in addition to conventional medicine. To my surprise my stiff body became flexible and I am feeling much better and it is being confirmed by my doctor.

I am still working as a university professor and in addition I am giving many lectures about P.D. and ballroom dancing.  In the past 14 month I have organized in different places more than 20 groups of P.D. that have started dance and they filling much better. I thank god of giving me the great opportunity to carry out programs that help other patients. I am very optimistic that a cure or vaccination would be found in the near future.  Until than I will keep on dancing. 

I would like to thank all my family and my spouse Pnina Gazit that help me fighting the P.D. And I would like to thank the people that participated this video - the dancer: Ana Aronov, Liron Barak, Rony Peled and to  the wonderful team that help prepare this short video Avi Marzuk the director.


I Will Choose
by Dora Leonard & Erika Snider (USA)

2 women who met on an online support PD group chose to use their creativity and passion to help and encourage others with Parkinson's disease: To Never Give Up. The lyrics of this song and writing a blog stemmed from a moment that Dora made up her mind to not let this disease define her. Erika's portrayal of her desire to help others like her is seen in her creation of this video.




Parkinson's Pedaling with Nan
by Nan Little (USA)

Ride 'On' Time shows how fast pace cycling has mitigated my  Parkinson's symptoms for the last 7 years, enabling me to climb mountains, ride thousands of miles and be engaged in research and outreach.



I am the beat of another song
by Claudia Martinez (USA)

Our video is a testament to those who continue to move forward after a PD diagnosis through fellowship and socialization, exercise, and active participation in arts and other leisure pursuits. The song 'I am the beat of another song-Parkinsong' was written by Mexican songwriter Jose Maria Lobo for Voces Unidas, a choir for Latinos with PD and their care partners in Phoenix, AZ. We hope it will become a tool to raise awareness and give a voice of hope for the Parkinson's community around the world.



by Jennilyn Merten (USA)

After numerous trips to the ER where I have been restrained, treated with disbelief and deliberately misdiagnosed, and after speaking with others who have had similar experiences, I wanted to make a Public Service Announcement that would be hard hitting, educational -- especially for those of us with Early Onset PD--but take the tone of an impassioned request rather than a direct accusation. After living with a Parkinson's diagnosis for eight years, I have begun to realize how the disease is no longer a closed loop between me and my own emotions and experience but a strange marriage between myself, the world, and the disease itself. I never imagined that educating others, including those closest to me, would be one of the tasks of the disease--a task replete with poignant compromise and vulnerability, but also incredible intimacy and discovery with both those I have know for years, and those I met an hour ago. So while this may seem somber, it is a 'prayer' for understanding, a vulnerable demand to be seen, and proof of my willingness to look disease, fear, and illness in the face and reply with art and beauty. The footage is a series of 'self portraits' which capture the visceral and corporeal experience of PD and sense of both watching one's own changing body and sense of being watched. It is a letter of self-consciousness that is the beginning of emotional power, of charging headlong into the erratic beauty of the world not in spite of but because there is no light without a wall of shadow.


PD Movement Lab
by Pamela Quinn (USA)

This video is about PD Movement Lab, a class I teach that explores different ways of helping people with  Parkinson's move.  It is dance-based, symptom driven, and aims to challenge its students safely and to foster serious fun. In detail, we learn how to manage everyday movements; for the big picture, we find purpose, joy and connection in moving together.



by Alfredo Ruiz (Puerto Rico)

I take my life with Parkinson's one day at a time because for me it's a war against this disease. I fight every single day for my family and to show the world that Impossible is nothing.


Like a Wall 
by Lauren Tietsort/PRO (USA)

Thom and Kibbey thought their life together would always be one of action and adventure. When Parkinson's first struck Thom and then several years later Kibbey, they have to adjust.


Honorary Mentions

"Parkinson's Women Support" by Darcy Blake (USA)

"My world changed... and I changed with it" by Fulvio Capitanio (Spain)

"Be An Advocate" by Johnny Earl (USA)

"Fifteen years on and I'm still in control" by Wayne Rassie (New Zealand)

"#Parkinsons1day" by Frida Riggare (Sweden)

"That Person You See is Me" by David Sangster (UK)

"Feverhead" by Skip Satterwhite (USA)

"Dancing with Parkinson's" by Cameron Veitch (Canada)

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