WPC Film Night
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SOLD OUT - Tickets to this evening event on Wednesday, September 21 from 7:00 to 9:30PM were offered to registrants at the WPC 2016 and are now sold out. 


This first ever WPC Film Night was designed to showcase the talent in the PD community and to highlight some incredible stories.  The films collectively tell stories of how individuals live well with Parkinson's around the world and how they each uniquely face their Parkinson’s with great gusto.

We are pleased to present the following films during the evening.


6:45 PM Doors open – 6:45PM


7:05 PM Welcome by Emcee  – Tim Hague (Canada)


7:15 PM to 8 PM 

    Ceri Higgins (UK) presents Parkinson Dances (30 minutes)

    Pamela Quinn (USA) presents NeuroDance (5 minutes)


8 PM to 8:55 PM

    Jens Roennemoes Pedersen (Denmark) presents Tour Parkinson Denmark (26 minutes)

    Bob Kuhn (Canada) presents Today We Ride (17 minutes)


8:55 PM to 9:35 PM

    Andy McDowell (New Zealand)  Andy McDowell – Switched On ( 27 minutes)


Meet our Emcee, Tim Hague


Tim Hague Sr. hails from Manitoba, Canada. Winner of The Amazing Race Canada & Parkinson's Activist, Tim overcame the odds when he went from a diagnosis of Parkinson’s disease to—just three years later—becoming the inaugural winner of CTV’s The Amazing Race Canada. Tim’s message of strength and courage leaves audiences motivated to meet life’s challenges and do more than they ever thought they could. 

Tim and his son, Tim Hague Jr., put their now-trademark perseverance to work while participating as a duo on The Amazing Race Canada. When the pair finally came out on top in the last competition of the race, they had never before won any stages and in fact had nearly been eliminated from the show twice. Despite the odds, “The Tims” as viewers affectionately dubbed them, kept their focus on overcoming one obstacle at a time to take the championship, a message of hope that Tim draws on in his talks. 

As a Registered Nurse and Professional Speaker, Tim is active in the promotion of healthy, balanced lifestyles, and deeply involved in the promotion of Parkinson’s issues and building awareness around Young Onset Parkinson’s Disease working closely with groups such as the Parkinson Society and the Reh-Fit Centre.

Meet the Artists 

Ceri Higgins (UK): With experience as a writer, director, producer and more in film and television, Ceri has worked for the BBC, Channel Four and ITV in the UK, Discovery in the US, and Televisa in Mexico on documentaries, drama and media, with roles ranging from director, producer, studio executive, researcher, writer and editor.  Ceri is currently developing a range of film and broadcast projects.  She is also collaborating with research scientists at the University of Southampton on how film can be used to explore new methodologies for research into the impact and efficacy of dance on people with Parkinson’s.



ABOUT PARKINSON DANCES: PARKINSON DANCES is an uplifting, poetic and emotional evocation of how the magic of dance helps people face the daily challenges of Parkinson's and live life to the full. The film was made with and features members of the Parkinson’s dance group of Pavilion Dance South West, Dorset, UK.



Pamela Quinn (USA): a PD coach, has used her 20+ years  of living with Parkinson’s along with her professional dance background to develop strategies for moving for people with PD. She created and regularly teaches PD Movement Lab at the Mark Morris Studio in Brooklyn, for NYU’s Edmund J. Safra program  in collaboration with the JCC,  and  she works privately with  individual clients.  Her writing has been published in Neurology Now, and her presentations have been delivered throughout the United States and abroad including the 2nd and 3rd World Parkinson Congress where her video, “Welcome to our World,” co-won first prize.  She is a teacher, a dancer, a choreographer, a patient, a writer, a speaker, an advocate and a mom. You can learn more about her through her website, pamelaquinn.net.

ABOUT NEURODANCEAt my first neurology exam, I was quite amused by the peculiar movements I was asked to do.  Sometime, I will use this in a dance, I thought.. Hence,, the beginnings for Neurodance.  I’ve now choreographed a solo version as well.



Jens Roennemoes Pedersen (Denmark): Aged 57, Jens has lived 12+ years with Parkinson's. His personal mission is to develop a complete Life of Quality Concept for Parkinson patients, based on the benefits of exercise and the maintenance of social relations. With 35+ years of leadership experience he has in just a few years  managed to found and expand Bike4Cure - a Danish Parkinson's bicycling concept with several yearly recurring events, including the world's first stage race for Parkinson's. 


'Exercise is Medicine' is the slogan that unites the participants in all Bike4Cure's events, in order to build up a sense of cohesion around exercise as a mean to live a good live in spite of Parkinson's and to raise awareness of the disease. 


Bike4cure is inspired by Michael J Fox and his massive effort to create awareness of Parkinson's, and Jens is proud to represent Team Fox in Denmark. As an act of commonness between the American and Danish Fox Unions, The next addition to Bike4cure's list of events will be a road race, where Danish road cycling team Fox Brainstormers will be letting behind them the distance between San Francisco and Solvang along with fellow American Parkinson's bicyclers.


ABOUT TOUR PARKINSON DENMARK:  When a chronic disease challenges your quality of life, you are responsible for taking action. This is exactly what Peter Mygind did. After a DBS Parkinson’s operation, cycling became his new way of living - A passion. Goals, he didn’t dare to dream of, became achievable. We all need passions! 


Bob Kuhn (Canada) was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in January 2006. He blogs under the title, Positively Parkinson’s, and is currently the President of Trinity Western University, and founding partner of the law firm, Kuhn LLP. Bob was chosen by Westlund Group of Companies to be featured in the film “Today We Ride.”

Andrew Westlund is president of the Westlund Group of Companies, including The Agency Media Group Inc., which was responsible for filming and production of the documentary, “Today We Ride” (as well as riding coast-to-coast alongside Bob. Also from the Media Group, Adam Besse, president, Eric Davis, creative director and Mike Bernard, senior producer, responsible for filming and production were Agency Media. Bob Kuhn, diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease in January 2006, blogs under the title, Positively Parkinsons, and is currently the President of Trinity Western University, and founding partner of the law firm, Kuhn LLP

ABOUT TODAY WE RIDE: Traveling from coast-to-coast across the continental United States from San Diego, California, to Jacksonville, Florida, is a long drive (approximately 2200 miles or 3400 km). However, when you add the challenge of doing it on a motorcycle in under 50 consecutive hours (called by the Iron Butt Association the “50 CC Quest” endurance ride, one of the toughest in the world), it is much more of a challenge. And if the biker is 60 years old man who had been dealing with the effects of Parkinson’s disease for more than 8 years, it becomes a difficult, even potentially life-threatening, feat. Despite the demands of the 50 CC Quest, and the complications and inevitable consequences created by his Parkinson’s disease, Bob Kuhn, blogger, WPC 2013 Ambassador, and motorcycle enthusiast, wanted to prove to himself, and others who contend with the disease, that life and adventure do not stop with the diagnosis. “It is better to try, and fail, than to fail to try”.

Andy McDowell (New Zealand): was diagnosed in December 2008, aged 44.  At the time he and Kate had 2 young children and he was running his own marketing business.  Andy won the WPC’s 2013 Short Film with his poem Smaller, and in 2014 he underwent DBS surgery.  More here www.smaller.co.nz

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ABOUT SWITCHED ONAndy McDowell and his family were introduced to the world of Parkinson’s in 2009 when he was diagnosed, aged just 44. Now 48, Andy is undergoing Deep Brain Stimulation. Andy is up for it, but doesn’t know whether it will even work. We’re with him as he finds out…

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