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The WPC Book Nook* is NEW to the WPC and will be a space where delegates will be able to thumb through recently published books about Parkinson's. The Book Nook will give delegates a chance to learn about, connect with, and be inspired by authors and publications. This space will be open during exhibit hall hours. 

Learn more about the authors selected for Meet & Greet sessions.

Books on Display

The following books will be on display in the WPC Book. Click on the book cover image to learn more about each book.

If purchasing a book on Amazon, be sure to support the WPC by purchasing through Amazon Smile. 

I Have Parkinson's: What Should I Do?
by Ann Andrews (New Zealand)


Grandma's Brain
by Ann Andrews (New Zealand)


Living and Laughing with Parkinson's
by Anne Atkin (Australia)



Still Laughing
by Anne Atkin (Australia)


Tremors in the Universe: A Personal Journey of Discovery with Parkinson's Disease and Spirituality
by Robert Baittie (USA)**


Living Well, Running Hard: Lessons Learned from Living Well with Parkinson's Disease
by John Ball (USA)









Whispers in the Night
by Joan Butler (USA)


Con los ojos un nino (Through the Eyes of a Child)
by Fulvio Capitanio (Spain)

Life with a Battery-Operated Brain: A Patient's Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation Surgery for Parkinson's Disease by Jackie Hunt Christensen (USA)


The First Year-- Parkinson's Disease: An Essential Guide for the Newly Diagnosed by Jackie Hunt Christensen (USA)


Living Well with Parkinson's Disease
by Michael & Gretchen Church (USA)


Parkinson's Diva: A Woman's Guide to Parkinson's Disease
by Maria De Leon (USA)


Lapses in Synapses: The Random Logic and General Chaos of Whit Deschner
by Whit Deschner (USA)


Reflections from within a Parkinson's Soul
by Donna C. Dobbie (USA)


My Degeneration, A Journey Through Parkinson's
by Peter Dunlap-Shohl (USA)


DBS: A Patient Guide to Deep Brain Stimulation
by Sierra Farris & Monique Giroux (USA)**

A Lifetime in Motion: Lessons Learned From a Student for the Games
by Lyle Gibson (USA)

Optimal Health with Parkinson's Disease: A Guide to Integrating Lifestyle, Alternative and Conventional Medicine
by Monique Giroux (USA)**

Alter Your Course: Parkinson's the Early Years
by Monique Giroux (USA)

Window of Opportunity: Living with the Reality of Parkinson's and the Threat of Dementia by Kirk Hall (USA)


Carina and Her Care Partner Gramma
by Kirk Hall (USA)


Carson and His Shaky Paws Grampa
by Kirk Hall (USA)  

Monica, Mama and the Ocotillo's Leaves
by Adele Hensley (USA)

How Marty's Mom Became a Cyborg
by Adele Hensley (USA)

Face It: Making Peace with Fear
by Adele Hensley (USA)


The Unexpected Journey: Living on the Edge of Life's Promise
by George L. Johnston (USA)









Slender Threads: A Young Person's Guide to Parkinson's Disease
by Pete Langman (USA)

Dropping the P Bomb: The Story of My Diagnosis at Age 29
by Emma Lawton (UK)

Both Sides Now: A Journey from Researcher to Patient
by Alice Lazzarini (USA)**

Yoga for Movement Disorders: Rebuilding Strength, Flexibility & Balance for Parkinson's and Dystonia (Revised Version)
by Renee Le Verrier (USA)**

A Treasure Hunt for Mama & Me: Helping Children Cope with Parental Illness
by Renee Le Verrier (USA)


If I Can Climb Mt. Kilimanjaro, Why Can't I Brush My Teeth? Courage, Tenacity and Love Meet Parkinson's Disease
by Nan Little (USA)


A Handbook for Life: A Practical Guide to Success and Happiness
by Richard London (USA)



Push the Rock: Second Chances on the Road to Kilimanjaro
by Roger Long (USA)

Shaky Hands - A Kid's Guide to Parkinson's Disease
by Soania Mathur (Canada)

My GrandPa's Shaky Hands
by Soania Mathur (Canada)


Does it hurt, Granny?
by Dawn May (UK)


I'll do it, Granny
by Dawn May (UK)


Reboot and Rejoice: How I Healed from Parkinson's Disease Using the Body/Mind Practice of Qigong
by Biance Molle


Who's Afraid of Parkinson's? My First Ten Hilarious Years
by Timo Montonen (Finland)


Parkinson's Treatment: 10 Secrets to a Happier Life
by Michael Okun, MD (USA)

10 Breakthrough Therapies for Parkinson's Disease
by Michael Okun, MD (USA)


Brain Storms: The Race to Unlock the Mysteries of Parkinson's Disease
by Jon Palfreman (USA)**


Reverse Parkinson's Disease
by John Pepper (South Africa)


Powerful Food and A Walk In the Sun - Parkinson's Relief Was in the Supermarket
by Glen Pettibone 


The Happiness of Pursuit: A Father's Courage, a Son's Love and Life's Steepest Climb
by Davis Phinney and Austin Murphy (USA)


A Soft Voice in A Noisy World: A Guide to Dealing and Healing with Parkinson's Disease
by Karl Robb (USA)


The Day I Found Out Why - My Life's Journey With Parkinson's Disease
by Israel Robledo (USA)**


I am not Contagious
by Allison Smith (USA)


Slice of Life
by Jon Stamford, PhD (UK)


Coming to Terms
by Jon Stamford, PhD (UK)


A Piece of My Mind
by Jon Stamford, PhD (UK)


Heads or Tales
by Jon Stamford, PhD (UK)**


Parkinson's First Hero: King David
by Carl Voyles (USA)


A Caregiver's Guide to Lewy Body Dementia
by Helen and James Whitworth (USA)


Managing Cognitive Issues in Parkinson's and Lewy Body Dementia
by Helen and James Whitworth (USA)


Riding a Roller Coaster with Lewy Body Dementia: A Manual for Staff
by Helen and James Whitworth (USA)


Shuffle: A Way Forward, Whatever the Challenge
by Wendall Woodall (USA)



The Neurowritters' Guide to Peripatetic Pursuit of Parkinson Disease
by Parkinson Creative Collective (USA)



Parkinson's Humor - Funny Stories about My Life with Parkinson's Disease
by Beverly Ribaudo (USA)



Tenacity: A Memoir
by Jonathan Lessin, MD (USA)



Who left the cork out of my lunch? Middle Age, Modern Marriage & Other Complications
by Vikki Claflin (USA)





Meet & Greet Schedule with Authors

Date & Time    Author    Location 
Wednesday, September 21        
11:30AM - 12:15PM   Alice Lazzarini, PhD   Book Nook
12:30PM - 1:15PM   Jon Stamford, PhD   Book Nook
5:30PM - 6:30PM   Jon Palfreman, PhD   WPC Theater 
5:30PM - 6:30PM   Nan Little, PhD   WPC Theater
Thursday, September 22        
11:30AM - 12:15PM   Israel Robledo   Book Nook
12:30PM - 1:15PM   Soania Mathur, MD   Book Nook
5:30PM - 6:30PM   Robert Baittie   WPC Theater
5:30PM - 6:30PM   Monique Giroux, MD   WPC Theater
Friday, September 23        
11:30AM - 12:15PM   Sierra Farris, PA-C   Book Nook
12:30PM - 1:15PM   Renee Le Verrier, RYT   Book Nook


Learn more about the authors selected for Meet & Greet sessions 


*Please note that the books on display in the WPC Book Nook do not reflect the views of the World Parkinson Congress or World Parkinson Coalition. 

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